Warrior kings need to be ready for clash royale


clash royale tricks

Video game lovers would like to enjoy free game with more added features. This is the reason why clash royale is developed and published by super cell. It is a mobile strategy game in which basic services are provided free of charge and advanced services only need to be paid by users. Multiple players can participate so the fun rate will be increased automatically.

Endless battle and enchanting chests

Gamers would not get exhausted there are 13 levels and 10 arenas. Destroying more number of towers than the opponent leads to win the battle. Players can win trophies by battling through different types of arena. If player destroy the opponent king’s tower then it is easy to get the three crown victory.

When battle time is over, various types of chests are available and they will take its own time to unlock based on its rarity. There are various chests such as silver, gold and magical chests. Acquired gems can be used to unlock or buy chests. Chests used to give your favourite and wanted items such as cards, gold and gems. At a time player can hold 4 chests and for every 24 hour player gets the chance to obtain crown chest which is most precious by claiming 10 crowns from battlefields. Tournament awards will be provided by getting the tournament chest.

Players will be ranked by their levels, arena and trophies. Players can also form clans and its members may be in some other friendly battles. Battling and battling ends with entering into the luxurious kingdom. When gamers started to play then they prompt to play advanced levels automatically.

Playing with stronger enemy?

It will happen to gamer after 2 or 3 battles. The game will crush you by setting stronger opponent who has 10 trophies. Imagine it! It would give you frustrations. To conquer this problem you need to have 2 decks which are called respectively main deck and counter deck. Counter deck is a counter of your main deck.

You can win the opponent’s clan easily by using this trick which is found by understanding the clash royale algorithm. Even it is so complex, try this trick at least once. So you can win 1000 of trophies throughout the game.

What you can get from game shop?

  1. Cards

Fresh cards options updated daily. There are 3 types of cards classes such as common, rare and epic troops.  For double the selection check in each “Epic Sunday”.

  1. Treasure chests

More than one card can be obtained by unlocking the treasure chests.

  1. Gems

It is used to speed up the game progress as player wish and unlock the chests immediately.

  1. Gold

It is used to upgrade the game and buy the player’s favourite troops.

It is your choice

You can buy gems to unlock the treasure chests or wait till the game unlocks the chest. It is based on your choice. If you want more gems then you can use guide help to get clash royale free gems.

This is the game in which you can find out great enjoyment. If you started to play then you won’t quit it so easily. Clash royale is the one of kind because it is cost free and user friendly so you have nothing to lose here. So get ready for battle and earn thousands of trophies and treasure chest as your wish.